The Burdock Band 
.... in and around Birmingham
and the West Midlands ....

You can’t fail to respond to the pounding rhythms and haunting melodies of the Burdock Band.  They are all professional musicians from classical, folk and rock backgrounds, and play a driving rendition of Celtic music from all over the British Isles, France and Eastern Europe.


The incredible variety of beautiful melodies in traditional music, and Emma’s velvet interpretation of the songs make wonderful listening,   Members of the band regularly play at the summer festivals.

Mick Howson (guitar, hurdy gurdy, mandolin and banjo) has been playing professionally since the 60’s and has supported many famous acts including Thin Lizzy, the Kinks, Dire Straits and the Pogues.  With the indie-folk band Terry and Gerry, he toured throughout the UK and Europe achieving chart success.  More recently he has played in the Kitchen Girls, Last Orders and the gypsy-klezmer band, The Destroyers.

Gerry Smith (accordion) has performed with numerous bands since the 80’s including World Service, The Nighthawks, Mack and the Boys, and Last Orders.  He was with the highly successful folk rock band The Bushbury’s for ten years producing many critically acclaimed albums and touring over 500 festivals and venues in the UK and Europe.  His compositions have been performed many times for radio and theatre.

Emma Louis (fiddle, vocals) has been playing in folk and ceilidh bands for many years, including the Short Pancakes, and Common Ground.  She is a keen session player and has been developing her knowledge of Irish fiddle music with the Birmingham based Galway fiddler, Pat Malloy.  In recent years she has been writing songs and exploring the music of her Breton Roots.


Belinda Hutchings (flute and whistle) is a keen session player and has been playing flute and whistle with the Irish tradition in Birmingham for a long time.  In recent years she has been playing with Cuckoos Nest Ceilidh band, Last Orders, Celtic Keys (Canadian dance) and medieval music with Tekaro.

Vicki Ayers (bodhran, percussion and recorder) was actually conceived at a folk festival and was raised on scrumpy and pounding Irish rhythms!  She has played the bodhran since childhood and has performed and recorded with many bands including Common Ground, Wet ya Whistle and Last Orders.  A keen dancer herself, her funky rhythms will get your feet moving.

The members of The Burdock Band have played together for many years in bands and sessions and this band was formed both out of friendship and a love for the music they play.  They all enjoy playing dances and ceilidhs and believe it is a great way to celebrate a special occasion.  Their regular caller, Dan “de lion” is a keen mandolin player himself and his friendly and enthusiastic style is great at getting people up on the floor and having a good time.

For further information and enquiries about

The Burdock Band

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