A healthy vagina is crucial to all women. All females concerned about their health should prioritize to have a healthy vagina. A well-kept vagina normally is acidic and secretes a fluid that fights off bacteria and maintains its pH level. Much of how the mouth produces saliva to keep it safe from bacteria.

Here’s how to have and maintain a healthy vagina.

Use condoms

This is the most important of them all. Not only does a condom keep your vagina safe but also protects you from general body health by protecting you from infections that are mainly transmitted through sexual encounters like sexually transmitted diseases and infections.


Studies show that condoms help keep the pH level at normal levels thus protecting the good bacteria like lactobacilli which fight off infections like the yeast infections.

Keep it clean

Most people think that cleaning the vagina with normal soaps helps but the it cleans itself by maintaining the normal pH levels. Cleaning the vagina using normal soaps may actually lead to infections by interfering with the pH level causing bacterial attacks. It is recommended to clean it with warm water only as it’s neutral hence the pH level remains the same and the hotness kills any unwanted bacteria.

Gynecologist’s sessions

According to statistics, 80% of women don’t visit the gynecologists regularly. It is recommended to do so once a month as it highly helps to keep the vagina healthy by having a professional’s advice. This mainly stops any impending infections that you might not be aware of.

Good hygiene during periods

Many women experience a lot of infections during menstruations. This is because of blood secretion in the vagina that blows off the pH levels. It is recommended to do the following while experiencing periods:

  1. Change of tampons regularly as they absorb blood. Leaving the wet tampons on for long hours without changing may risk the chances of infections.
  2. It is recommended to clean the vagina with bacteria-free wet wipes to avoid infections.

hjdsjhsd7sdjsd4334Wearing cotton underwear

The type of underwear highly contributes to a healthy vagina. The recommended underwear is cotton because it dries quickly and allows air to circulate the vagina avoiding damp states that may cause bacterial infections.

Eating well and exercising

This is also another crucial option that should be a priority to keeping a healthy vagina. Eating garlic a few times a week kills yeast bacteria and also prevents vaginal odor. Also drinking yogurt which contains a lot of “good bacteria” as the same in the vaginal help in preventing and treating yeast infections. Doing exercises like the Kegel exercise helps in tightening and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles which reduce the chances of infections.

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