When you want to have a healthy oral cavity, you must be cautious of the food you eat. There are certain food items for healthy teeth and gums that are exceptionally beneficial in enhancing oral health. It is worth noting that there are also other foods such as soda, candy, and sweets that are detrimental to good oral health and lead to tooth decay. Due to this, it is important to be cautious of the food you eat to have healthy and strong teeth.

Top foods to eat for good oral health include

Leafy greens

erdtfcgvhbnjLeafy greens are very beneficial to the body and are almost on every healthy foods list due to their high mineral and vitamin content. Greens like spinach and kale promote oral health greatly. They have high calcium content- mineral responsible for building teeth enamel. In addition to this, leafy greens also contain a considerable amount of folic acid. This acid is a unique type B vitamin with numerous health benefits that include treating gum diseases, particularly in pregnant women.


Many people do not know that cheese is one of the top food items for healthy teeth and gums. This is because cheese is not only rich in calcium but also lowers the amount of acid in the mouth. What is more amazing about cheese is that it increases the production of saliva in the mouth which consequently washes bacteria that can plaque the oral cavity. However, when eating cheese avoid adding snacks that have a high sugar content as such additions can be damaging to the oral cavity.

Milk and water –the best combination for top food items for healthy teeth and gums

Milk is the number one drink when it comes to good oral health. The high calcium content in milk coupled with other minerals makes milk a great drink for strong and healthy teeth. Additionally, milk reduces acid levels in the mouth cavity thereby reducing the likelihood of tooth decay occurring. Water not only washes off food particles from the mouth but also increases saliva levels thereby ensuring that the mouth cavity is well hydrated at all times. As such, it becomes easy to prevent germ and bacteria accumulation in the mouth cavity consequently leading to a healthy mouth cavity.


234ertdfgvhbApples, strawberries, and oranges are some of the fruits that are excellent choices for healthy teeth and gums. These fruits especially strawberries contain Vitamin C and antioxidants that are vital for naturally whitening teeth as well as killing bacteria that cause tooth decay.
There are lots of food items for healthy teeth and gums that you can easily incorporate into your day to day diet. Most of these items have several benefits in the body thereby making it easy to improve your general body health while promoting your oral health. In addition to consuming these food varieties, it is also important to take good care of your teeth by brushing them regularly using a dentist-recommended toothbrush and paste.

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